St. Laurent Project

St. Laurent Project covers 4,170 hectares and is located in St. Laurent Township, Northern Ontario, 160 kilometres northeast of Timmins, 50 kilometres south of Detour Lake Mine and 20 kilometres southeast of Casa Berardi Mine.

Past shallow drilling at the St. Laurent Project identified disseminated multi-element sulphide mineralization across notable widths trending towards a large gabbro-hosted magnetic feature. The Ni-Cu-Co-Au-Pt-Pd zone is open along strike and at depth. This mineralized zone, importantly, is coincident with a strong 600-metre long EM anomaly.

Drilling to date has not yet intersected massive sulphides, and the EM anomaly has not yet been explained. The disseminated sulphide halo provides an important vector to guide our upcoming exploration work.

Montcalm Project

The Montcalm Project (3,780 hectares) is one of three Pancon projects in the Montcalm Greenstone Belt. It is located within the prospective Montcalm Gabbro Complex, 65 kilometres northwest of Timmins, Ontario.

The project is contiguous to and surrounds the western, northwestern and southwestern portion of the former Montcalm Mine, currently owned by Glencore plc. The former Montcalm Mine was discovered and developed based on a single airborne electromagnetic anomaly identified in 1970s and previously mined 3,931,610 tonnes of ore grading 1.25% nickel, 0.67% copper and 0.051% cobalt, producing in excess of 4 million pounds of cobalt (Ontario Geological Survey, Atkinson, 2011).


Nova Project

The Nova Project (2,080 hectares) is one of three Pancon projects in the Montcalm Greenstone Belt.  Located 19 kilometres southwest of Glencore’s former Montcalm Mine, which previously mined 3.9 million tonnes of Ni-Co-Cu ore and produced more than 4 million pounds of cobalt (Ontario Geological Survey, Atkinson 2011), the Nova Project covers a portion of the eastern boundary of a major regional structure known as the Kapuskasing High (also known as Kap High).

Very little exploration has been conducted on this structure until recently, leading up to Goldcorp’s recent announcement of plans to develop its Borden Lake Gold Mine, located in the Kap High.


Gambler Project

The Gambler Project is adjacent to the Montcalm Project,  covering 7,620 hectares  and encompasses the majority of the underexplored Montcalm Gabbro Complex in the Montcalm Greenstone Belt.

The Gabbro complex is highly prospective for Nickel-Cobalt-Copper deposits.

Manitoba’s Lynn Lake Ni-Co-Cu mines (Sherritt) is an excellent analogue for the Montcalm Gabbro complex.

Lynn Lake “A” Gabbro Intrusive covers approximately 4.5 square kilometres and hosted 15 separate Ni-Cu deposits with a combined historical tonnage of 28,410,570 tonnes at 0.906% Nickel and 0.489% Copper. Substantial cobalt recovered from these deposits but there is a lack of accurate records. (Manitoba Department of Mines, Pinset 1980;  pre-NI 43-101).