The Gambler Project is adjacent to the Montcalm Project,  covering 7,620 hectares  and encompasses the majority of the underexplored Montcalm Gabbro Complex in the Montcalm Greenstone Belt.

The Gabbro complex is highly prospective for Nickel-Cobalt-Copper deposits.

Manitoba’s Lynn Lake Ni-Co-Cu mines (Sherritt) is an excellent analogue for the Montcalm Gabbro complex.

Lynn Lake “A” Gabbro Intrusive covers approximately 4.5 square kilometres and hosted 15 separate Ni-Cu deposits with a combined historical tonnage of 28,410,570 tonnes at 0.906% Nickel and 0.489% Copper. Substantial cobalt recovered from these deposits but there is a lack of accurate records. (Manitoba Department of Mines, Pinset 1980;  pre-NI 43-101).