Approved by Pancon Board of Directors on 27 August 2018

Pancontinental Resources Corporation (“Pancon”) believes that minerals exploration and mining – in addition to creating value for shareholders – can and should be a positive catalyst for environmental stewardship, economic development, and social responsibility. We conduct our business activities in pursuit of these outcomes. To that end, Pancon is committed to fostering long-term relationships and partnerships with host communities and stakeholder groups based on principles of: honesty, transparency, accountability, empathy, respect and trust. In action, Pancon appropriately strives to:

  • Regularly provide relevant, timely, and accessible information about Pancon’s business strategy and plans, including both at the corporate level and at project-specific levels;
  • Actively and consistently listen to and work to understand the local context – including social, cultural, economic, environmental, and governmental/regulatory factors – from the perspective of communities and stakeholders;
  • Make time for meaningful dialogue and in-person engagement with communities and stakeholders based on their interests, questions, and concerns;
  • Inform and involve, as appropriate, communities and stakeholders of Project social and environmental risk and opportunity management plans;
  • Invest time and other resources into pursuing collaborative initiatives with communities and stakeholders that result in creating lasting and meaningful shared value and mutual benefits; and
  • Respond promptly and appropriately to community and stakeholder requests, including grievances.


  • The Board of Directors reviews, updates as needed, and approves the Pancon Community Relations Policy.
  • The Pancon President and CEO ensures the Pancon Community Relations Policy is duly implemented and adhered to by all employees and contractors.
  • The Pancon Community Relations Policy is the basis for Pancon’s Community Relations Strategy and each Project-specific Community Relations Management Plan, which the Pancon President and CEO is responsible for implementing and ensuring adherence to by all employees and contractors.

Layton Croft, President & CEO